can't get no

Couldn't get work done on time so there would be no fun to be had, but minuscule thoughts were held on to so they would not evaporate before written down.

In the ocean, among friends. We were on the deep end and the shore seemed miles gone. Boards were under us, but thunder struck as the first wave started its emergence. The whole world dropped from under the swim suits we wore. Ten feet, twenty feet, fifty feet, hundreds of feet. The ocean took a deep breath and compressed its mass into the first teeming wave that kept escalating up and up. Eyes were glued to the looming blue, but bodies were jelly, unable to sink the situational misfortune. The water held its breath, swelling, swelling to the top of the food chain. It gave birth to more monstrous waves which drooled at the sight of us, the young ones not yet ready to die. Paddling, kicking, trying to swim to shore was no use as we were only held stationary by the suction of the current. Couldn't move and our forms floated still under the plasmatic gust of blue steel spray. We never saw the water drop. We never saw the water drop.

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