how it begins a side street liquor store dump owned by an old withered landlady whose psychotic tendencies race with her alcoholic rage as the night begins the light lays low an empress clad in opalescent silks her face is so white oh so white illuminates the room with muted purple fluorescence daughters in turbans approach the majesty red one green one blue one not purple to compete with that of the one laid down on her tomb hippie girls bronze complexions cigarette smoke and vocabulary churning in the air selfish delusions of singing along and eating the song thin frail African enchantress Saharan siren red and blue sands spray from her open throat each child posed in reverence white curtains ripple the walls of her dominion it becomes a charcoal alleyway filled with these women dance closely to the market endanger gravel under feet while diving into the manmade springs of Lake Michigan scuba lovers embrace cover with moss jagged obsidian underwater night vision to be a lawyer of aquatic issues the glass plate of the scuba mask emerges from the gelatinous blue froth eyes are injected with the sky where once only water imprinted embrace cover with moss embrace cover with moss a sheer blue aqua dress for the lady his lady the lady his money the money a sheer blue aqua dress for the lady to be wrapped in wrinkled red papers and cloth a silver pinwheel and a polyester red rose fell apart in the bungler's corsage the gift of swap meet successors falls into neglected woeful hands jittering hands sweatering hands pickling hands thanks all around as the hands feel the eyes upon them there is no singularity as the hands writhe while watched by four of them no moment alone no blind obliteration the red paper is torn the red cloth is unraveling the red rose isn't real does the lady his lady the lady his money the money like perfume small stenches of affections no time goes unnoticed hands still woeful crawl under wax wood tables under dry napkins under stained blankets under locked doorways under clogged faucets under cleaned carpets double doors awaken to a room in dining fine white present is given present is taken present received all before the turkey arrives tin foil tin on teeth tin foil tin on teeth basting in thanksgiving saliva fat-bellied man heathen stretches young girl straight flat don't want the job can't take the job didn't do it don't want his job writers gasp at a poet's reading of his own poetry the secret ending becomes an epiphany seconds after his exhalation of breath ooh aahh of impression fabrication of mere understanding translated into social standing in the wisp of an exhalation of pedantic breath follow applause sit stand follow applause sit stand follow refreshments chew swallow follow refreshments sip wince follow autographs sign back of the line do they eat with those hands the woeful hands under book bags under their pants sweatering pickling unavoidable hands an underwater celebration closed off to general public terry cloth robes hot for Asian swimsuits on water slides in the salty waves the beluga whales come for a quaint visit unknown to the others they left behind the lonely ones oh boo hoo who will befriend the ocean body oil hair sexsational get together they denote a beluga and a small humpback fight cockfight style crossbones style give it up style stop the sobbing for a while vicious teeth vicious looks of death races by the banana boat tricycles gleam of white helmets on the side street on which that one liquor store may finds itself situated pedal pedal go shining metal steals the show record store maniacs in death metal tee shirts black black black it's a no go on the vinyl so the tricycles keep a rollin but they're not there to meet at appointed time appointed destination gray staircase concrete the loneliness of the century is at hand as the sun ricochets off the white helmet to the singed eyes of blinded passers by standing on the opposite side street oh yes the doom of appointments forgotten is upon us they yell as the creak of doors invite the lone tricycilist inside from utter despair a bed in which to lay mahogany bed posts floral pink comforter plush puffiness desired no one will notice the unexpected guest if laying flat under the covers at least until they hang the breakfast on the bed lay head on pillow softness of sleep covers morose tendencies but why aren't they here yet agony resumes in multiples of square rooms that span the blocks of this town take off clothes fold for neatness remove helmet less protection more vulnerability needed envelope the self and lick the sheets closed clean white soft asleep but what if they see what if they smell the scent of the body crumpled under the down comforter of repose the dog smells it the cats smell it the scents that are often kept under the clothes door slips open body bolts up but it's soft and it's naked and it wants a touch on the hardwood floors continental breakfast on the house within the house where is this house body bolts up wants to tricycle away awake far away wood panel under the wet body in solitary confinement awake self serving on the hardwood floors next to the black duffel bag serve self until point of solitary ecstasy the windows are open wind flows in over the cats' fur move on leave and be done with it creak door open creak door closed pass on continental breakfast and descend gray staircase greenery in the park Washington Square San Francisco the appointment was moved the destination was moved she arrives in white shrouds complicated with expressions of alienating sorrow mumbles about death someone has died she says someone has died but nobody can figure out who

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