Unwhale Studio
Based in Kiev, Ukraine

Release date:
Q4 2017




The battle was lost ages ago and now the barren ruins hold nothing but echoes of once great civilization. Amidst the dust, few that remain are still clinging to their existence, far beyond the point where they could be called human.
But the hope still lingers.
On the outskirts of the forgotten city, a lone soul awakens from millennial slumber. Lost and forgotten, he finds himself in catacombs and now his way lies through the treacherous ruins to the very heart of it.


Enoch – Underground is a roguelike action-RPG title set in an ancient city destroyed long time ago. The player takes control of the awakened – one of the few survivors left in the city. Without goal and without memories he starts his way through the ruins striving to find his place in this hostile world.


The gameplay is based on classic roguelike RPGs with such features as procedurally assembled environments, precise battle system and generous loot, but makes accessibility a staple of game’s design.
The character progression is entirely loot-based, eliminating the need for complex character menus while retaining flexibility and customization options. Each weapon type has unique stats and attack patterns, armor can provide additional protection and sometimes valuable buffs, trinkets allow to change character’s abilities, providing an advantage in combat.
Encounters require patience and precision but give just enough room for error to get familiar with enemy’s attack patterns and develop a strategy to withstand them. The game is balanced to be hard but fair so that completing the playthrough gives the sense of achievement while the process of doing so does not feel like a chore.


  • Different weapon types, each with unique attack patterns.
  • Powerful artifacts that boost player stats or provide new skills.
  • Varied environments and enemies.
  • Precise, dynamic combat system.
  • Unlockable challenges for even greater variety.
  • Deadly environmental traps that you can turn to your advantage.
  • Devastating special attacks and skills.


Enoch: Underground Trailer YouTube


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About Unwhale

Our studio
Unwhale is an ambitious newly-formed game developing studio, whose passion for gaming brought together a highly coordinated team of creative specialists. We strive to bring high quality products to gaming industry.

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Game Credits

Anton Federiakin
Lead Programmer, CEO

Igor Bezrodny
Game Designer, Lead Artist

Sound director, composer






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